• Vatnsleysa 550 Skagafjörður
  • Vatnsleysa 550 Skagafirði


Vatnsleysa, the horsebreeding farm located in the north of Iceland
operated by Björn Jónsson and Arndís Brynjólfdóttir.



A big Stable

- With boxes for 46 horses,
- An inside riding hall,
- An outside area and
- A great number of paths, directly from the stable,
provide a perfect foundation for professional horse training.







Vatnsleysa's breeding goals have always been specific
- Cultivating spirited,
- High movements and
- powerful horses with a great charisma.




hraunar-bjossiThe Vatnsleysa riding style

"It has always been our guiding principal that young horses should stay joyful.
The better foundation you lay when you first start them, the better they will do later on.You have to take care to do not too much at once and that they don't tire and stop enjoying what they are doing.

Soon the youngsters start to do their best to please the rider on a basis of equality. A tired youngster will not become a happy horse. Therefore, starting a young horse means--in the same way as with children--that they should do their best of their own will, because forcing them does not help at all. It is important, though, that you are always the boss and the leader, and that you appreciate the individual for what he is worth and treat him as a friend and a partner. That gives the best results."




Arndís moved 1998 from the south Iceland to the north Iceland and has been working alongside Björn since than. She finished in 2003 her study at Hólar Unversity as a trainer and riding instructor. Arndís has been working as a teacher for ten years. "Breeding and training good horses is a privilege."








 Björn was born and raised in Skagafjordur. He was only 3 years old when his parents Jon Fridriksson and Árdís  Björnsdóttir moved to Vatnsleysa. Björn was born on horseback and was gone early domesticated and train horses with his father.

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